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Engineered for Maximum Visual Precision

Every WIDE product is designed with our user's needs in mind. Our engineering teams constantly search for innovative ways to improve performance, add functionality and simplify operation. This page highlights key technologies that make WIDE monitor solutions the most advanced available.

  • Wide viewing angle

    Utilizing superior IPS (In Plane Switching) technology, images appear bright, crisp, consistent and uniform from almost any viewing angle.

    WIDE technology Image Quality
  • Maximum Luminance Uniformity

    Maximum Luminance uniformity can be very challenging given the manufacturing process of an LCD display. However, WIDE’s background in and knowledge of display technology brings DUC (Digital Uniformity Correction) to the neX series of LCD displays. DUC helps ensure luminance uniformity across the entire screen and edge to edge. In order to meet the demands of the global marketplace, WIDE has built in five different levels of uniformity grades for individual customization.

    WIDE technology Image Quality
  • 14-bit Look-Up Table(LUT)

    Our 14-bit LUT provides the display with over a billion shades of gray for precise expression on screen.

    WIDE technology Image Quality
  • MEDiX IV : Our Fourth-Generation Digital Signal Processing.

    WIDE's monitors feature WIDE’s fourth-generation Digital Image Processing, the MEDiX IV IC which is an innovative set of digital image processing to deliver the best image quality for the medical imaging. The MeDiX IV manages the entire imaging data from the video source input to the flat panel display output, including 14-bit data processing, automatic image calibration and graphic user interface(OSD). The MEDiX IV adds intelligence to the display with features such Stable-Brightness Control(SBC), IQ Sensor control, Luminance Uniformity Control(LUC), Digital Ambient Control(DAC), and power management in conjunction with a Strong Arm-based microprocessor.

    WIDE technology Image Quality
  • Superior Luminance for Grayscale and Color

    Ultra high brightness and contrast ratios bring you vivid and pristine images while extending the lifetime of your display and enabling use for a variety of diagnostic environments.

  • Advanced Video Performance
    • Motion-adaptive deinterlacing
    • Dynamic edge enhancement
    • Spatial noise reduction
    • Low-angle jaggy free