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Every WIDE product is designed with our user's needs in mind. Our engineering teams constantly search for innovative ways to improve performance, add functionality and simplify operation. This page highlights key technologies that make WIDE monitor solutions the most advanced available.


WIDE fully recognizes the importance of corporate responsibility and that role for our environment. WIDE commits that all future design, development and manufacturing will take into consideration these three key elements that comprise the WIDE GREEN Initiative.

  • WIDE technology ECO


    Products being designed and developed have to include ECO-innovative features and technologies in order to maximize energy efficiency. All products will use recyclable or recycled materials as well as RoHS compliant materials.

  • WIDE technology ECO


    Process is the second key element in the WIDE GREEN Initiative. WIDE proactively participates in global energy saving and hazardous substance restricting programs.

  • WIDE technology ECO


    People and partners of WIDE Corporation must fully understand and recognize the importance of WIDE’s GREEN Initiative. WIDE Corporation provides employees and partners continuing education on the WIDE GREEN Initiative.

Green WIDE Specifications
  • 1.Intelligent power management functionality
  • 2.Less power consumption when the system is not in use (power saving mode)
  • 3.Nearly zero power consumption in power off mode
  • 4.Zero hazardous substance for RoHS compliance
  • 5.Recycled and recyclable materials used for construction
  • 6.Guaranteeing a longer life for your displays and reducing our footprint for a better tomorrow