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Engineered for Maximum Visual Precision

Every WIDE product is designed with our user's needs in mind. Our engineering teams constantly search for innovative ways to improve performance, add functionality and simplify operation. This page highlights key technologies that make WIDE monitor solutions the most advanced available.

  • WIDE technology Ergonomics
    All Equal Look and Feel

    Our displays is a true family of displays, each display carries the same design philosophy, the same look and feel as well as the same dimension for an optimized viewing experience at your workstation.

  • Versatile Configuration

    WIDE monitors are able to be configured in dozens of combinations for a customized information display.

  • PrivateLite® (WIDE Patent Protected)

    Each diagnostic display comes equipped with a built in LED Light, PrivateLite®, perfect for use in a dark reading room when a private, adjustable light source is needed. Most importantly, this can be used without disrupting workflow or altering the ambient light conditions for the entire room.

    WIDE technology Ergonomics
  • User Friendly On-Screen-Display (OSD) Service

    WIDE’s Intuitive Graphical On-Screen-Display assists the user in navigating display settings and options very easily. Each diagnostic display offers multiple languages (English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Japanese, Chinese, and Korean) for maximum convenience when adjusting the display settings and options.

  • Smart Power Saving

    WIDE displays are designed to be energy efficient right out of the box. They are very energy efficient when in use and they consume less than 1 watt when the system is not in use.