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WIDE Corporation
Since established in 1999,

we have tried to support reliable products and services to our customers with 5 offices and 50 sales representatives in worldwide under the motto of "Maximum Visual Precision".

WIDE Corporate

Thanks to 3 nation's first products of Medical monitors in 2000, ATC monitors in 2005 and ECDIS monitors in 2006, we could get exclusive competitiveness. As a special purpose display leader for Medical, ATC and Industrial display, we have grown to global company who depends on 80% overseas sales. In 2008, we moved to Giheung around Seoul for further levels of jump and We, WIDE Corporation, will try our best to be your unyielding partner in the future as we have done before.

WIDE Corporate

WIDE continues its dedication in supporting our customers with reliable products and services with 5 sales offices and 50 sales representatives in worldwide under the motto of "Maximum Visual Precision".  As a professional display company specialized in Medical, Air Traffic Control and Industrial Display, WIDE has grown to become one of the most influential global leaders with its dedicated worldwide customers by providing the unsurpassed display solutions and products.

WIDE Corporate

Dedicated professionals at WIDE will continue to embrace the challenges and create the best suited solutions to meet your requirements. The company also realizes the importance of protecting our planet’s resources and continues its search of environment friendly solutions. Dedicated many professionals at WIDE, we are confident that we are on the threshold of great achievement as we embrace the challenge to save human lives and improve the economics of heath care. Not only saving human lives but also saving our green planet’s resources is another important goal that we have continuously searched for the environment friendly solutions. WIDE adheres to RoHS and REACH directives to ensure ethical and environmentally sound material sourcing. The company is committed to the purchase of ethically sourced raw materials, sub-assemblies and supplies which are free of conflict minerals. WIDE observes all regulations related to environmental protection and ethical sourcing, and continuously strives to improve upon eco-friendly management and procurement systems.